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World Airports

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ID Airport IATACode
1Annaba-El Melah AirportAAE

2Aalborg Airport AMBAAAL

3Aarhus AirportAAR

4Lehigh Valley International AirportABE

5Albuquerque International AirportABQ

6Aberdeen Airport LtdABZ

7Acapulco AirportACA

8Kotoka International AirportACC

9Lanzarote AirportACE

10Altenrhein AirportACH

11Alderney AirportACI

12Channel Islands-Alderney AirportACI

13Nantucket Memorial AirportACK

14Atlantic City Int´l AirportACY

15Adana-Sakirpasa AirportADA

16Izmir-Adnan Menderes AirportADB

17Addis Ababa-Bole International AirportADD

18Adelaide AirportADL

19Parafield AirportADL

20San Andres AirportADZ

21Alesund-Vigra AirportAES

22La Paz-J F Kennedy AirportAFB

23Agadir - Al Massira AirportAGA

24Augsburg AirportAGB

25Agen-La Garenne AirportAGF

26Malaga AirportAGP

27Augusta Regional AirportAGS

28Athens Ben Epps AirportAHN

29Alghero-Fertilia AirportAHO

30Ajaccio/Campo Dell´Oro AirportAJA

31Auckland International AirportAKL

32Almaty Int´l AirportALA

33Albany International AirportALB

34Alicante AirportALC

35Algiers-Houari Boumedienne AirportALG

36Waterloo Municipal AirportALO

37Aleppo International AirportALP

38Alamosa-Bergman-San Luis Valley Regional AirfieldALS

39Alexandria-El Nhouza AirportALY

40Amarillo International AirportAMA

41Ahmedabad- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Int´l AirportAMD

42Amman-Queen Alia AirportAMM

43Anchorage International AirportANC

44Antofagasta-Cerro Moreno AirportANF

45Angoulême-Brie-Champniers AirportANG

46Antwerp AirportANR

47Ancona AirportAOI

48Naples Municipal AirportAPF

49Faleolo International AirportAPW

50Aqaba AirportAQJ

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